Garden 2017

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This year the focus is on tomatoes and sweet peppers. Last season tomatoes and hot peppers did well and we had a market, so we're scaling both. Last season we did several heirloom varieties but instead opted to replace those with hierloom-esq varieties that have better disease resistance and yield. Instead of hot peppers, which aren't big sellers, we switched to three high yielding types of sweet peppers.

This season were also focusing on less plant types in larger quantity instead of doing a many different kinds of plants in small scale like last season. We are still trying eggplant this year in small scale, but have opted to do tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, melons, squash, corn, okra and beans in larger scale.

The garden is divided into three plots with the additional of an extra garden plot for a winter garden. This garden currently has been plowed and planted in cover. Planting of lettuce, kale and turnips will being in late August.

The tomato garden has been planted in a brand new area, which in hindsight, was a bad decision. This new area was not long ago mature woods which were clear cut in Feb. The soil quality isn't that good, is wetter then expected and needs time to recover and switch into pasture/garden from mature woods.

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The first garden we planted in peppers, squash and eggplant. This garden was amended with pond bottom and rotting hay in the fall. So far these plants are doing well, except the eggplant which was hit early by flea beetles. There is also an obvious wet spot which needs additional dirt for next season, the plants in that area are doing the worst. Two additional trees were cut from last year to eliminate shade spots from last season.

The back garden where the beans, corn and okra where planted seems to be a good garden spot year one. This area was woods and was clear cut in Feb as well. It was smaller pines and was much thinner woods then the tomato garden area. The deer ate all the beans as soon as they came up, but the corn and okra are doing well. I think we'll be using this back area for produce next season. We need to burn two large stump piles from the logging and then plow, till and put in a cover this fall.

Also the pond well was completed and overhead sprinklers were installed on both the pepper and tomato gardens. It hasn't been used much this season, it's been a unusually wet season so far.